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Discovery Bay

Hong Kong

New luxury development

RSL created diverse gardens for six different homes on a new luxury development on a hill overlooking Discovery Bay and the South China Sea.

RSL began by planting 800 mature trees to provide structure and seclusion on the site that comprised nothing but bare earth, dirt and dust around the shells of houses.

The Classic Garden

To complement the house’s classic structure, RSL constructed an expansive, travertine terrace, spanning the full width of the house with steps leading down to an oval lawn. Marble steps one side of the oval led to a spectacular 25m swimming pool, from where a path leads up to a stone relaxation platform with a jacuzzi.

There is also a lounging area with a fire pit. Opposite the house’s entrance is a David Harber waterfall, scrolled with metallic petals.

The Wavy Garden

Making use of the terrain’s natural contours, RSL collaborated with the designer Fernando Gonzalez to design an unorthodox garden full of sweeping curves and wavy lines.  Hand-crafted Jesmonite walls and wavy steps lead to the wavy-edged mosaic swimming pool while the lawn in front of the house is lined with fluid, undulating flower beds.

Paths are winding and sinuous and even the seating is curvaceous, softening the steep terrain.