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Chester Square


Chester Square - A Garden Reimagined

Nestled among the graceful London plane trees and framed by elegant buildings, the inherent allure of this garden provided the foundation and inspiration for our design. Our approach revolved around cherishing this essence while infusing a fresh perspective into the surroundings.

At the heart of our garden, a lush stretch of lawn takes centre stage, embraced by a stone border that defines its boundaries. This expanse becomes an oasis, an inviting refuge for relaxation and connection.

Our creative vision included relocating the existing water feature to the centre of the lawn, aligning it with the charming bow window to create a captivating focal point.

Opposite the house, we expanded a planting bed to introduce a sense of scale, featuring an array of plant life. From the grandeur of the towering London plane trees to the elegance of the multistem Osmanthus trees standing like guardians, these layers transition gracefully. The journey culminates with a delicate underplanting of woodland and shade-tolerant species, inviting you to traverse a winding path of steppingstones that meander through this lush wonderland.

As you venture towards the rear of the garden, you’ll discover a meticulously crafted trellis that adds both elegance and intimacy to the space. This artistic creation complements the verdant surroundings, offering an inviting ambiance for relaxation and reflection. To enhance the enchantment, we’ve strategically placed recessed mirrors that reflect the luxuriant vegetation, creating an illusion of depth.

This garden transformation is an ode to embracing and enhancing the existing beauty – a symphony of design and nature that resonates with tranquillity, charm, and timeless elegance.

Video Accreditation: Go Big Pictures

Photography Accreditation: Georgina Viney Photography