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Holland Park


Holland Park - Sophisticated and Contemporary Garden

Nestled in London’s prestigious Holland Park neighbourhood, RSL’s design team aim was to unleash their creativity and transform the space into a private oasis that fulfilled the client’s desires.

The existing garden layout consisted of a flat and segmented design that limited its potential. A central avenue of pleached trees divided the space into three disconnected areas. The client expressed a desire for privacy, a brighter and more appealing lightwell area that could be enjoyed from their bedroom, and the retention of three ornamental mirror panels as a focal feature.

The segmented garden was transformed into a more cohesive space with two distinct outdoor rooms. Focal points were strategically added to maintain the client’s desired aesthetic while providing a sense of continuity. The number of skylights in the central path was reduced to minimize distractions from the garden.

Each outdoor room was given a unique identity. The dining area featured a large steel pergola structure with clever features such as heating grills in the paving situated under the tables, allowing for year-round entertaining. The lounging area was designed as a sunken garden, providing additional privacy and featuring custom-made settees, a fire table, and an electric parasol.

By closely collaborating with the construction team, they successfully created an engaging and dynamic space that fulfilled the client’s vision. The garden seamlessly combines privacy, aesthetic appeal, and functionality, resulting in a remarkable outdoor oasis delivered with the highest precision and craftsmanship.

Video Accreditation: Go Big Pictures

Photography Accreditation: Georgina Viney Photography