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Manhattan Loft Gardens


Urban nature and biodiversity

RSL brought its imaginative flair to bear on three sky gardens, all with panoramic views, at this high-rise, ultra-contemporary luxury development in London’s Stratford.

The brief was to complement revolutionary, vertical, loft living with distinctive spaces and the major mission was to bring nature and biodiversity into this very urban setting.

RSL began by creating a cohesive planting palette across all three gardens, with an exceptional variety of texture, colour and fragrance.

Evergreen hedges and pines in planters provided privacy from adjoining terraces while friendly, durable materials that respond to sun, rain and changing light were used in hard landscape areas.

Level 37

RSL created a flexible, relaxing space for residents and a seamlessly integrated children’s play facility with timber decking and a playful arrangement of wooden planters, seating, trellis and pergolas.

The challenge at this high level was the wind, which RSL mitigated with trees and trellis work to create a sheltered, comfortable environment.

Level 25

RSL enhanced and made some small modifications to the landscape design by another leading landscape architect, to achieve the desired appearance.

Level 36

This garden caters to patrons of the bar and restaurant but also provides residents with a private communal hub, so the trick was to balance the two.  RSL created a green oasis with a small cluster of deciduous trees amidst a prairie-style planting scheme.

A gentle cascading water feature and pine trees in planters against a green wall ensure the space feels welcoming to everyone while evergreen hedges divide the public restaurant from the private garden.

Coloured glass panels also provide a barrier between bar and garden but allow glimpses of the wider landscape. The garden is partially enclosed by a cantilevered tower and a building maintenance unit track spans the perimeter of the garden.  With its usual ability to adapt, RSL embraced these constraints and now loungers, which can be moved around, are placed on the track.