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Chelsea Waterfront


Wildlife habitat

Located on Lots Road, Chelsea Waterfront is a residential-led mixed-use development designed by the Terry Farrell Partnership. It is the only major development site of its size on the north of the river west of Canary Wharf. It includes Lots Road Power Station, a distinct landmark, which is to be carefully refurbished. The scheme includes two towers of 37 and 25 storeys, as well as low-rise apartments on the river’s edge, surrounded by accessible landscaped gardens, opening up 400m of waterfront to the public.

The landscape proposals comprise a creekside park, urban open space, private terraces and garden spaces. The landscape will ensure there are wildlife habitats and opportunities for recreation along the creek in different tidal scenarios.

The approach to the site is holistic and sets out to enrich the sense of place for residents and visitors alike, making full use of the site’s creekside potential.