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Hanover Terrace


Magical floating fantasia

This project perfectly demonstrates RSL’s talent for transformation.  An ordinary, bland and problematic space became a magical, floating fantasia, and one of RSL’s favourite projects to date.

The small rear garden of a gracious listed property in a leafy London enclave originally suffered from being on different levels, giving unattractive perspectives from the house’s big rear window. RSL created a series of floating steps in patinaed Italian limestone, flanked by tiered flower borders, and planted a beautiful magnolia on the wine cellar’s roof.

A central stone fireplace and bespoke Western red cedar trellis were added to a dull brick wall and other walls were hung with perfumed jasmine.

The result is a sublime, fragrant garden with different areas for relaxing and dining, while the new steps give the impression of gliding through a gentle incline, disguising all awkward level changes.