Stephen Threlfall

Senior Estimator

Stephen Threlfall assumes the pivotal role of Senior Estimator at RSL, where he meticulously calculates costs and resources to compile competitive tenders for prospective projects. Stephen's journey into the world of estimating was a natural progression, fuelled by his innate affinity for the role and a deep passion for crafting high-end residential landscapes.

Throughout his career, Stephen has been the driving force behind numerous successful landscaping projects both within our company and across the picturesque Cotswolds region. His contributions have earned him recognition from clients and peers alike. Particularly noteworthy is Stephen's leadership in spearheading the construction of the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show exhibit in 2018, a testament to his unwavering expertise and meticulous attention to detail.

Stephen's academic background may be rooted in Geology and Ocean Science, having studied at Plymouth University. However, he found his true calling in the landscape industry. His journey commenced with seasonal employment, tending to grass maintenance and tree and hedge cutting for the Tewkesbury council. Subsequently, he transitioned into commercial turfing and paving followed by a brief stint at the University of Gloucestershire, where he honed his skills in Garden Design. At a pivotal juncture, Stephen, accompanied by a dedicated team, embarked on a collaborative endeavour with property developers and designers, undertaking the creation of captivating landscapes in the picturesque villages of the Cotswolds for a discerning clientele.

Beyond the confines of his professional responsibilities, Stephen is an outdoors enthusiast through and through. Whether it's embarking on long walks in remote areas or channelling his creative energy into building treehouses for the kids, Stephen thrives on outdoor activities. His competitive spirit often leads him to engage wholeheartedly in various sports and games, always with an infectious smile on his face.