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Upper Phillimore Gardens


Tranquillity all year round

A town garden in Kensington was given a classical-themed make-over by RSL. The mission was to complement the house’s Victorian architecture and screen unsightly bin areas, while providing privacy from the apartment blocks that overlooked it.

An additional challenge was that the garden was built on a raised structure leading to the garage with steps either side. From this unpromising start, RSL set about creating a restrained, formal, very private garden, designed for peace and quiet rather than family entertaining. The garage steps were disguised using trees, hedges and climbers and an antique French water feature gives the garden an elegant focal point.

The boundaries are planted with Liquidamber, ensuring privacy from adjoining properties and providing lush colour all year round.

A big York stone terrace, a new lawn, Buxus spheres and hedging, white perennials and structured planting all contribute to the garden’s sense of order, maturity and tranquillity all year round.

Abundant fragrant jasmine swathes softens brickwork and the dining and relaxation areas are made inviting with comfortable armchairs in French vintage style, a fireplace recessed into a living green wall and big lanterns.