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Holland Park


Romantic, classical haven

The challenge was to transform a dull, contemporary, structured garden into a romantic, classical haven. The clients wanted tranquillity and a mainly white garden, but also wanted enough space for their children to play football or cricket. So, RSL set out to create five distinct areas and began the transformation by laying a newly design black and white path at the front of the house flanked by magnolias and yew hedging.

The rear-espaliered trees were retained and introduced as an avenue of trees dividing the main terrace and lawn (it also served to disguise a ventilation shaft). A delicate pergola was created, festooned with clematis and roses. A faux studded door with an inset panelled mirrored finish set in the back wall deceives the eye into thinking it’s looking out into the park. Meanwhile, the big lawn for the children to play on is screened by beech and espalier hornbeam. A water feature, antique classical urns, and wooden obelisks and pyramids for rambling white roses, further contribute to creating the abundantly flowering, classical arbor that the clients wanted.