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Views of Mont Blanc

Although this lovely chalet already enjoyed spectacular views of Mont Blanc, the house faced the street with little privacy and the main garden area, set to one side and largely laid to lawn, was overlooked. This meant that various buildings and ugly obstacles distracted from the beauty and purity of the mountain scenery.

RSL set about creating privacy so the family could feel detached from the bustling town around it.  Sculptural elements, like evergreen conifers and oversized boulders crafted by Bottagiso Decoux and placed amongst the herbaceous borders, camouflage unattractive walls, chime with the garden’s alpine spirit and direct the gaze outwards towards Mont Blanc.

Corten steel containers were planted with Pinus mugo to add a sense of division and privacy, while semi-mature trees hid an adjacent property that jutted into the view. RSL ensured that the entire planting scheme was hardy enough to withstand the harsh climate and also look ethereal in the snow. Today the client enjoys an unimpeded view of the mountain, as if it’s rising from the bottom of his garden just for him.