Weaving work, life and play

Swire’s flagship commercial development in Kowloon Bay lies within an area targeted to become a ‘walkable Central Business District’ by the Hong Kong Government.  The idea was to weave work, life and play together, unifying the open space with the architecture, while facilitating pedestrian flow.

Responding to the brief, RSL created sheltered seating set back from the busy pedestrian route within the entrance piazza, to be enjoyed by both residents and office goers. Next, a soothing water feature in the busy central plaza provides an attraction together with an al fresco dining area screened by trees to provide an enjoyable green oasis.

RSL has used planting to hide unsightly industrial buildings and make the landscape feel less relentlessly urban and hectic. So, evergreen trees have been carefully selected as visual screens and sun shelters while Albizia, Persian silk trees or Bauhinias, the emblem of Hong Kong, soften the entire feel of the area. These are underplanted with shrubs to add fragrance and structure, while meandering streams of grasses, punctuated with rich purple salvias, bright pink Lythrum and herbaceous perennials, add colour and movement.