Landscaping in Europe

Razdory, Moscow

Commercial Landscape Architecture

Razdory, Moscow

  • Cold Climate
  • Masterplanning
  • Residential Developments

We were appointed to provide a landscape design for a residential development, which consists of 15 high-end show homes.  The area is part of a larger masterplan modelled on London's Regent's Park.  The site is approximately 200 hectares and borders the existing village of Razdory, which is situated to the west of Moscow within the Moscow City region.

In creating the neighbourhood, a series of landmarks have been designed.  The main focal-point within the public realm is the Hub, which identifies the development as a high-class residential destination.  This forms the central focus of the area, connecting primary and secondary axes linking the site to the wider landscape.

Our masterplan created an environment with a sense of place and identity that will establish and preserve a level of quality and value for the existing and proposed Razdory Masterplan area.  The design promotes an idea of community both for the public and private resident and therefore will give a sense of a special and identifiable place.  The design harmoniously merges the residential buildings, road hierarchy and people, to create a neighbourhood of discerning character.


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