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Randle Siddeley is a leading landscape architecture, construction and maintenance company.

Based in London, our Design Division specialises in designing landscapes and gardens for private residences and commercial developments all over the world. With projects from the most modest of city roof terraces to the grandest of palaces and hotels, our experienced landscape architects combine creative flair with obsessive attention to detail to deliver classic, yet contemporary, landscape treatments.

Our Construction Division is made up of hard- and soft-landscaping experts whose traditional craftsmanship skills, using modern methods and equipment, deliver beautiful gardens and public realm spaces time and time again.

Many of the projects we build have been crafted by our Design Division, but we also frequently tender and negotiate on schemes designed by other landscape and garden designers.

We take pride in our gardens and landscapes looking established and developed from the moment they are completed. Like all living projects, however, they flourish and mature with age.

We employ a substantial team of garden and landscape maintenance experts who work to ensure that your outdoor space always looks immaculate. Our full-service maintenance package is tailored to suit your requirements for your private residences, retail, hospitality or other commercial buildings.

Below, you will find links to a selection of projects from our landscape portfolio.  Our international commercial landscape architecture projects are well-documented and you will find plenty of detail about our clients, their wishes and how we responded to their briefs.  By their very nature, less information is available on our private client works.  We value our clients' privacy and many of them choose not to have their projects featured online at all.  If you would like any further information on any of the listed projects, please do contact us.

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Hertfordshire Estate
Dating from circa 1740, this magnificent Grade II listed property sits in acres of intricately landscaped gardens, including a large kitchen garden with a landscaped arbour, several ponds, a...
Qingpu, China
Randle Siddeley were invited to create gracious, Georgian gardens and townscapes for a distinctive development of luxury villas and parkland in the traditional English Garden style. Located in Shanghai...
Randle Siddeley - Mulberry Walk
A property of remarkable versatility and character, this house in Mulberry Walk has been transformed into what surely must be one of Chelsea’s finest family homes. Commissioned by the...
Ladbroke Terrace, London
With a beautifully-framed lawn and pleached-tree boundary, this garden works as a magical link between the main house and the mews accommodation. To the lower terrace, the retractable glass...
Randle Siddeley - The Croft
This family home is situated in a suburb to the north of London, a green-belt area that links the city to the countryside. It is a nineteenth-century Arts...
Randle Siddeley - Tregunter Road
This imposing house in south-west London had been developed about ten years previously, with a subterranean swimming pool and games room running underneath along the length of the garden....
Randle Siddeley - Bel Air - Hong Kong
Our brief was to revitalise the communal gardens and water features to give this development a more sophisticated and European feel, as well as encourage the landscape to complement...
Randle Siddeley - Landscape Architecture - Arena Square - Wembley
At the heart of the vision for Wembley lies the new elegant city square for Wembley Arena and London. This is intended as a new cultural destination, a...
Randle Siddeley - Landscape Architecture - Heron Tower - Milton Court - London
Randle Siddeley were been briefed to design the landscape of the roof garden of the tower's private club, Milton Court, to provide the residents and their guests with a...
60 results - showing 10 - 18  
1 2 3 4 5 6 7