Author: Randle Siddeley

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Razdory, Moscow

We were appointed to provide a landscape design for a residential development, which consists of 15 high-end show homes.  The area is part of a larger masterplan modelled on London’s Regent’s Park.  The site is approximately 200 hectares and borders the existing village of Razdory, which is situated to the west of Moscow within the Moscow City region.

In creating the neighbourhood, a series of landmarks have been designed.  The main focal-point within the public realm is the Hub, which identifies the development as a high-class residential destination.  This forms the central focus of the area, connecting primary and secondary axes linking the site to the wider landscape.

Our masterplan created an environment with a sense of place and identity that will establish and preserve a level of quality and value for the existing and proposed Razdory Masterplan area.  The design promotes an idea of community both for the public and private resident and therefore will give a sense of a special and identifiable place.  The design harmoniously merges the residential buildings, road hierarchy and people, to create a neighbourhood of discerning character.

Bawadi Communities, Dubai

Beit Salahieh, Aleppo

The Beit Salahieh Hotel appointed us to redesign the external spaces within the hotel, which includes several courtyard spaces, terraces and a rooftop garden restaurant.

The designs for each space centre around the architectural features of the hotel, such as the lawns that lead onto the courtyards, and the fantastic views of the Citadel of the town which is considered to be one of the oldest in the world.

The various courtyards have ornate water features and loose, organic planting that create oases within the hotel. The entrance courtyard has a striking 8m clear-stem palm.

On the roof, the restaurant is designed to give the feeling of being in a garden, with planters and a glass water wall defining the space and framing the views out to the Citadel. Removable canopies can be erected to give shade when necessary.

Rocco Forte, Marrakech

This hotel is set just outside of the city on 222 hectares of countryside, against the spectacular backdrop of the Atlas Mountains.  The boutique development comprises spacious villas, a luxury hotel and spa, an 18-hole private golf course with clubhouse and a golf academy.

We were commissioned to carry out the landscape and external works for the resort complex.  Key landscape elements are the main entrance courtyard with a focal water feature and landscaped formal gardens with informal breakfast areas and a swimming pool surrounded by large citrus trees offering vistas to the surrounding olive groves and the Atlas Mountains.

The Langham Hotel, Mayfair

The Langham Hotel was opened in 1865 as Europe’s first Grand Hotel and has hosted royalty, foreign dignitaries and celebrities in luxury for over 140 years. This Victorian landmark has been restored and expanded to incorporate 21st Century luxury and contemporary spaces in those intervening years.

We designed a green layer to the facade, importing mature trees from Italy and adding extensive planting.

More recently, we were instructed to create an English Rose wedding courtyard for the hotel. The brief was to provide a flexible space that could accommodate a central wedding marquee or alternatively be laid out as a cigar terrace.

The bland, open courtyard has been replaced with a series of intimate spaces which have been created by the installation of movable planters and benches. Tall, decorative metal obelisks and standard bay trees create an evergreen structure with year-round interest. Roses and seasonal under-planting offer considerable colour, fragrance and charm.

Cazanga Island, Angola

We were appointed to undertake a landscape masterplan service for the development of a 500 hectare uninhabited island off the coast of Angola.

200 acres were to be retained as nature reserve containing extensive mangroves and grassland savannah.  300 acres were to be developed as an eco-resort, including two resort hotels, golf facilities, residential housing and associated retail and leisure facilities.

The development of the infrastructure required extensive consideration in order that the energy, water and waste could be accommodated in a sensitive and sustainable way.  The first phase was to include a marina and a servicing compound in addition to a nursery requiring us to develop an advanced procurement strategy.  We worked closely with the golf-course architect to develop a seawater-irrigated golf landscape complete with local, native species.