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Arena Square, Wembley Park

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Arena Square, Wembley Park

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At the heart of the vision for Wembley lies the new elegant city square for Wembley Arena and London.  This is intended as a new cultural destination, a "South bank in North London".  The square provides a dramatic setting for seasonal and cultural events, Arena warm-up shows and celebrations, as well as a permanent 'people-watching' space in continuous use by people living, working and enjoying themselves.

Our design is focused around a central interactive fountain.  High-quality materials are used throughout and combined with elegant detailing.  Special effects are focused on the theatrical lighting of the Arena facade, coordinated with the fountain, lighting columns and audio effects.  Banks of steps define the square and form an informal amphitheatre, while a temporary stage can be placed over the central fountain for special events.

Central to the vision for the Arena Square is that of flexibility, thereby allowing for a range of different functions within the square as the surrounding infrastructure develops.


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